Textile Exchange takes charge of ‘Preferred Fiber Toolkit’

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SAN FRANCISCO – Fashion brand Gap has partnered with Textile Exchange for the public release of its Preferred Fiber Toolkit (PFT), an online resource that will detail the environmental and social impacts of various raw material, as to inform likeminded companies striving to meet their sustainability targets.

Serving as a complement to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s (SAC) Product Tools, the Toolkit will not only disclose the associated environmental effects of raw materials, but other factors for consideration such as the subsequent impacts on labourers, biodiversity and land-use.  

“The development of the PFT has been crucial to Gap Inc’s ability to set goals and develop internal awareness on how to design better products and set fibre strategies,” says Diana Rosenberg, product sustainability manager at Gap. “A rigorous and data-driven approach allows for greater confidence in our sustainable materials sourcing decisions, while creating an incentive to select more planet-friendly raw materials.”

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