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The 10 Best Dressed Men of the Week

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We’re hitting pause on our weekly best-dressed men of the week list and instead covering, uh, slightly more important matters. Meanwhile, here are some commendable stay-at-home fits we spotted in June. Whether social distancing is bringing out your minimalist side or your wildest fashion instincts, we’re all in this—and our sweatpants—together.

ASAP Nast 

Effortlessly mixing cargo pants, a silk tie, and pastel hair: We dub ASAP Nast our new back-to-the-office style king.  

Jeremy O. Harris

How to wear comfortable shorts and still be dressed is just one of the many things you can learn from Jeremy O. Harris on Instagram.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber shouting out Fear of God on the side of the road is the kind of dedication to fashion we expect—nay, demand—from our pop stars.  

Kyle Kuzma

Brands: Send Kyle Kuzma your psychedelic cargo pants and bucket hats, and he’ll take care of your ad campaign for you. 


Nothing says “access to central air” like head-to-toe black and a leather blazer in the middle of June. This is a perfect November 1 fit right here. 

Nick Young

Golf style has never looked better than Nick Young in this embroidered, iridescent-lensed look. 


Riding on top of a minivan is a terrible idea. Python slippers, on the other hand…

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo finds his style soulmate in this overly confident Louis Vuitton shorts set. 

Anderson .Paak

Anderson is appropriately geared up for Phase 3 life. This is a massive(ly safe) look for running errands. 

J Balvin

In case you missed it, J Balvin is extremely on Team Jordan

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