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The 13 Brands That Took Over the Fashion World in 2019

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The year 2019 has been an interesting year when it comes to fashion. Seasons, for example, are starting to become obsolete, with designers showcasing outerwear for spring/summer and florals for autumn/winter. At the forefront of everyone’s minds is sustainability and understanding what effect the industry is having on the world, and there is more emphasis on investing in pieces that last.

When it comes to trends, it’s arguably divided down the middle—either you’re a maximalist or a minimalist. There are, however, some things that have united the fashion crowd and that is which designers have truly influenced our wardrobes.

There are so many new labels being launched these days, especially with Instagram playing an integral role in marketing and promotion, it can be hard to be heard above all the noise. But there are a few fashion brands and designers that managed to make a real and genuine impact on our wardrobes this year. They influenced trends (yes, tiny bags from Jacquemus we’re looking at you), gave us new ways to think about styling but ultimately made us feel good when we wore them.

Interestingly, this year wasn’t just about new brands—there was the reemergence of classic labels such as Dr Martens and Laura Ashley too. Ready to see the rest of the designers we pegged as the biggest of 2019? Keep scrolling for our run down.

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