The 14 Best Airbnbs For a Fall Weekend Away From New York City

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Immerse yourself in a nautical wonderland by staying at this Hudson Valley Captain’s House, which was built in 1900. Maybe you’ll even pick up ship-in-a-bottle building as a hobby.

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A “modern cabin” may seem like an oxymoron, but that’s exactly what this listing is: a glass abode with 365-degree views of its wooded surroundings. (One of the bedrooms, seen above, is even in its own solarium.) Right now it’s booked through the fall, but with its heated pool, you can really enjoy the outdoors all year round.

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Not only you can you bring your pet to this cabin in Cassville, New York, you can bring your horse. Yes, they have a stable on property. We don’t know how many of you have a horse to travel with, but if you do, this is place is calling.

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Dubbed the Grey Chalet, this guest house in Saugerties, New York is best for couples: it is a one-room loft, after all. But for a small space, it sure is stylish: note the sliding wooden bathroom door, the antique breakfast table, and the bed’s quaint white privacy curtains. Perfect to curl up in after a cool fall day spent exploring the town.

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