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The 3 Sandal Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing This Summer

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Here in NYC, above-70 temperatures are starting to become the norm which to me signals a lot. Iced coffee, pleasant walks in the park, and a generally better mood all around are just a few of the many positive implications worth naming. For today’s purposes, however, the most important result of the seasonal shift is that it’s officially sandal season, guys! In fact, just the other day I put my last pairs of boots away to make room for my already-growing collection of the summer-ready footwear style which, I realized, is predominately made up of just three trends.

And, after some research (AKA Instagram investigating), it occurred to me that I’m not the only one who’s backing them. It seems that fashion girls everywhere are into the same styles as I am, which tells me that, much like I learned with sneakers, these will be the sandals worth wearing this summer. To see, read about, and shop the three most important trends for yourself, just keep scrolling.

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