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The 4 Winter Trends Our Editors Are Already Desperate to Wear

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It pretty much goes without saying that here at Who What Wear, we like to keep track of seasonal trends. It’s embedded right there in the job description that we know what’s current and are able to spot what’s emerging. While our day-to-day is spent analysing everything that is new and now, we have to admit that there are often seasonal trends that catch our attention more than others. Of course, we’d like to try every trend, though, unfortunately, it’s not practical for our wallets or the planet to invest in everything. This is why we tend to prioritise the looks we’ll wear winter after winter, which can take some planning to make sure we consider the gaps in our wardrobes. 

Individually each of our editors has a unique personal style and tends to gravitate towards different items (though we do occasionally turn up to the office in the same outfits). So this winter, while one of us plans to revive the sweater vest, another is taking style cues from Princess Diana

However, no matter which trend each editor is looking to try, the one thread that ties them all together is the fact that we’re investing in practical pieces that can be worn on rotation with different outfits over and over again. After all, isn’t wearability the ultimate test of a successful purchase? We’re all about minimising that cost per wear

Keep scrolling to find out which winter trends each of our editors are adding to their wardrobes this season.

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