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The $44 Amazon Leggings I’ve Worn Every Week For Almost 3 Years Straight

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Every so often, I come across an item that’s so good, I need to write about it more than once. That’s exactly the case with a pair of epic leggings I ordered from Amazon in 2018. For context, I own a lot of leggings and I’m also quite picky about my leggings (who isn’t, really?). So when I say that I’ve worn this pair on a weekly basis for nearly three years now, that’s saying quite a lot.

The glorious leggings are from Amazon’s in-house activewear brand, Core 10, and I first told you about them here. Core 10 is known for its Build Your Own leggings, in which you select your favorite waistband style and height, and there are a variety of inseam lengths, colors, and materials to choose from to start. Mine is a black, 7/8-length pair with a high waistband. They’re just a great, well-made, affordable, basic pair of leggings, which is why I’ve worn them on a weekly basis for so many months. I’m not sure why I’ve never ordered another pair but I’m thinking that it’s time, so let’s shop together.

Scroll on for my top 15 Core 10 leggings, starting with the holy-grail pair I’ve worn for years.

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