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The 5 Shoe Trends French Girls Wear With Simple Summer Outfits

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When we want an effortless and chic outfit idea, we often turn to French girls. Although, that’s probably obvious given that we do cover Gallic sartorial choices on the regular over here. After recently perusing through the Instagram accounts of some of the most stylish Parisian ladies we follow, it became clear that there are a few select shoe choices many are turning to right now to complete their pared-down outfits. 

Yep, we’re talking about minimalistic sandal silhouettes paired with skirts and T-shirts, of-the-moment sneakers as the finishing touch to a denim look, and so on. To get a better sense of the shoe trends French girls are wearing with simple summer outfits, keep scrolling for a run-down. You’ll also find inspired shopping recommendations for each outfit if you’re interested in adding something fresh to your wardrobe.

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