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The 7 Fashion Aces Princess Diana Served at Wimbledon

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This week is the first day of Wimbledon, and we are guessing that once again it will be a very royal affair. The royal box on centre court is always a source of style inspiration, as the likes of Sienna Miller, Jeanne Damas, Anna Wintour and the Duchess of Cambridge often watch the tennis in their summer finery. We will, as ever, be keeping a close eye on the seats in the royal box.

You can’t talk about Wimbledon style without mentioning Princess Diana however, as she always had fun with her tennis looks. Diana was a keen tennis player herself, and often looked amazing on the court in her cycling short and pleated mini skirts. Her courtside looks are just as memorable however, as she often watched Wimbledon in pastel suits, bold accessories and vibrant prints that we would look just as fabulous today. In particular we love the sleeveless red tuxedo-style dress she wore with oversized gold buttons and the purple printed blouse which looks like it could be a Rixo print. 

Keep scrolling to see the seven aces Princess Diana served at Wimbledon.


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