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The 9 Pillars of Angelina Jolie’s Super-Chic Minimalist Wardrobe

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Angelina Jolie has come a long way from her ‘90s days spent as a brooding goth who wore a vial of blood around her neck. That said, her bad girl streak has never quite left her—and thank goodness for that. In a sea red carpet froth, we can always count on Angelina to bring the sartorial antidote in the form of black gowns or sharp tailoring, bestowing the celebrity circuit with some much-needed, grown-up attire. 

When she’s not attending award shows, premieres or supporting her acting colleagues at industry events, Angelina’s wardrobe reflects the other side of her multifaceted persona: a world-renowned humanitarian who has campaigned tirelessly to end child poverty and sexual violence in conflict-torn regions. When she’s loaning her voice and profile to extremely worthy causes, her wares become more subdued, but equally as elegant. Think classic roll-necks, sleek blouses and wide-leg trousers. The same goes for when she’s directing critically-acclaimed films, speaking at UN summits, and spending quality time with her six children. 

Indeed, we dare ask, how does Angelina Jolie find the time to get dressed, let alone look so luxe? It helps, then, that she has a nine-piece capsule wardrobe to fall back on. After hours of research, we were able to determine the items Angelina always wears. Keep scrolling to see some of the best of Angelina Jolie’s style, then proceed to shop her expertly-curated capsule wardrobe. 

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