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The Bridal Designer Making Dresses For All Sizes

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Type ‘how to lose weight before my wedding’ into Google and you’re met with 112 million results. 112 million. Shocking? Perhaps. But the reality is that plenty of brides aim to shed pounds before their nuptials, and while that isn’t always ‘a bad thing’ (it’s all about context) there’s no denying that the wedding industry, and the pressure on brides-to-be, has a big part to play in that ginormous Google result. Behind that Google result, however, are women trying to fit into an arbitrary notion of what is deemed the perfect bride—and that’s problematic. So what’s the solution? For starters, wedding dresses need to cater for more and all sizes, and not just to fit those who are deemed “socially acceptable” or for body shapes that have been whittled down by extreme dieting. One luxury bridal designer who is leading the way for a range of wedding dress sizes is Kate Halfpenny

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