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The Denim Trend Victoria Beckham Is Backing for 2021

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This week, London Fashion Week has been reimagined with small in-person presentations and most shows and collections being shown digitally. Victoria Beckham was planning to host a small salon show for 15 people. However, she cancelled this at the last minute, saying that it no longer felt appropriate. She, instead, shared a video and images of the S/S 21 collection on her Instagram account today. 

This collection was designed during lockdown and is a tighter edit, with a total of 20 outfits compared to the 40-something shown last season. This streamlining has meant there is a focus on the core elements of the Victoria Beckham brand: beautiful throw-on dresses, oversize shirts, and elegant, classic tailoring. Colour is used to add vibrancy, with pockets of lilac, soft lemon, and punchy green breaking up the classic colour palette of black, white, camel, and navy. Victoria Beckham’s colour palette is, apparently, inspired by her lockdown diet. She told The Guardian that “a lot of the references are food related because David’s been doing so much cooking” These colours include “banana,” “crème brûlée,” and “hollandaise.”

What Beckham chooses to wear to take her bow on the runway has been just as documented as her collections over the years, and despite the lack of audience, we still have a glimpse of Beckham. She shared a picture of her only audience this year: David Beckham and her children. In the picture, she is wearing a pair of flared high-waisted jeans, which skim the floor and hide the height of her heels beneath.

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