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The Divisive Legging Trend Kendall Jenner and Fashion Types Are Wearing Non-Stop

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We’ve all noticed the uptick in legging styles returning to our everyday. Over the past few years, this form-fitting style has levelled up from being reserved for the gym, and claimed space in our everyday wardrobes. Fashionable people have shown plenty of ways to wear this comfortable style, from pairing with smart blazers and heeled boots, to retro trainers and cosy knitwear. But the newest iteration of leggings has our fashion team divided. That’s the flared legging.

With the rise of Y2K styles, flared leggings have returned once again as a comfortable yet surprisingly stylish trouser option. Of course, our classic leggings will forever be a hard-working staple in our wardrobes, but we’re always open to try new styles. Particularly as we spotted both Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner in the style, along with these leggings featuring prominently in our last street style shoot, leaving our attention well and truly piqued. For those, like me, who are on board with the trend, it’s not surprising that this pair would feel appealing with wide-leg styles featuring prominently in both denim and tailored trousers. They also add a nice point of difference if, like me, you find yourself in leggings almost seven days a week. Better still, this style is surprisingly easy to dress up or down. 

All in all, we’re here for any trend as comfortable as this. If you’re on board too, here’s the best flared leggings to add to your wardrobe. 

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