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The Easy Way to Buy Your Summer Staples for Less

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Although I’m all over flight-ticket sales quicker than I can pack my swimsuit, when it comes to fashion sales, I usually choose to stay well clear. Be it in real life, in-store (where I feel like I have to be Monica from Friends in “The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress” and kit myself out with whistles and a game plan) or online. I’m just not a fan of the endless search.

With this being said, however, I bought a pair of Proenza Schouler tiger-print mules in the sale at Net-a-Porter earlier in the year after including them in a story, and I haven’t been disappointed. I’ve already worn them so many times. I love that they’re something I wouldn’t have splurged on full price but could once the discount was in place. The fact that there was only one pair left in my size was all the added persuasion I needed (it doesn’t take much!).

Although I own a lot of shoes, I think this particular pair represents a turning point in my relationship with the once-dreaded sales. So much so that I went on a hunt to see what other sites currently have great fashion sales running. Surprisingly, I found so many online discounts are already underway, and instead of outdated stock being slashed, I found a treasure trove of trend pieces that are perfect for wearing across the summer months.

I found everything from A.W.A.K.E. Mode’s winning pointed-collar top to a pair of Birkenstock Arizonas to the fashion crowd’s fave Ganni denim boilersuit. Add to this bargain buys from some of my favourite high-street stores, including Topshop and H&M, and you get a carefully curated edit of all the best (if I say so myself) sale pieces to shop right now—if you’re super speedy.

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