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The Great GQ Shorts Survey

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CW: Nigel Thornberry. Pleated safari shorts? Hell yeah. Also, my life changed when Frank Ocean wore those sparkly Comme des Garçons basketball shorts.

WB: Harry Styles. This is non-negotiable.

MG: Picasso and Harry Styles.

SH: Anyone born before the ’70s.

CS: Steve McQueen for the famous Dominis photos, but also some shots in The Thomas Crown Affair.

YG: The game warden in Jurassic Park, The Fab Five, and Mark Hoppus circa 1997.

Fashion heads: what are ~the shorts of the season~?

RT: Kiko Kostadinov’s culottes.

CG: Basketball shorts.

NJ: Probably still Patagonia baggies. Or the Champion mesh shorts with pockets.

NO: Though I wish they were shorter, I’ll always love a Dries van Noten short.

CW: Prada’s black nylon shorts.


MG: The big, long Loewe shorts stand out to me.

SH: The shorts and culottes worn by USPS letter carriers.

How short is too short? How long is too long?

RT: 3 inch inseam. NO Short is TOO LONG!!!!!!

SS: Too short is basically impossible. Only maniacs go below the knee.

MM: That’s different for everyone. You just gotta find your leg love quotient.

CG: All shorts are good.

NJ: N/A. There are no limits!

NO: Ya know that episode of Friends where Phoebe is dating the guy who wears basketball shorts with no underwear? That’s too short.

CW: Too short: Jerry Falwell Jr.’s speedo. Too long: capris. Everything in between is good shorting.

MG: Being too in the middle is really the thing that should keep you up at night!

SH: There’s no such thing as too short. If your shorts look like capris they are probably too long.

CS: I want to see NO cheek. Standing or bending. I feel more accepting of various lengthier lengths as long as they’re not cargo.

Please share any thoughts on pleats.

RT: “Pleats PLEASE!!!!” -Issey Miyake

NO: No pleats, please.

CS: Not everyday, and never khaki golf style. But I wouldn’t roll over in my grave if you buried me in some proper slacks.

MM: Look great on Adam Scott!

CG: Pleats are cool.

NJ: We talking ghurkas? Fire. Golf shorts, not so much.

SS: Pro.

CW: If one pleat is good, two pleats are better. And making the entire shorts out of pleats (See: Miyake, Issey) is best.

MG: Wish more shorts had them.

SH: When it comes to pleats I stick to the martini rule: two are too many.

YG: The deeper the better. And if you’ve got ’em, make sure that shirt is tucked.

Cargo shorts: in or out?

RT: Fine, I guess.

SS: Out.

MM: For ME they are OUT, for the simple reason that the addition of side pockets necessitates an inseam that is too long for me to feel comfortable. But I see DiCaprio out here doin’ it big with the cargos and more power to him, I say.

CG: They’re not basketball shorts.

Josh Hartnett during Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me Los Angeles Premiere at Universal Amphitheatre in Universal...

Josh Hartnett, seen here making a case for the cargo short at the 1999 premiere of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Barry King

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