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The Jeans and Boot Pairing the Fashion Crowd Will Live In This Winter

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The jeans-tucked-into-boots styling trick is one that harks back to some of Princess Diana’s most famed outfits. In one, she wore a classic ‘80s pair of high-waisted jeans with brown calf-high boots and in another, a double-denim getup paired with slouchy white boots. Whether it’s because of the arrival of the hotly anticipated new season of The Crown or the fashion world’s renewed love of throwback fashion, this Princess Di signature style has suddenly made a comeback. 

Everyone’s been at it, from Camille Charri√®re adding a Wild West twist to a heritage blazer with light-wash jeans and cowboy boots to Katherine Ormerod bringing a more noughties vibe via black skinny jeans, knee-high suede boots and a blazer. (Kate Moss would approve.) Each one has its own personality yet still holds onto the laid-back-yet-cool energy Princess Diana was famous for. 

While the application of this trend is fairly broad (grab jeans, pull on boots, and you’re done), we would recommend avoiding any baggy silhouettes in the denim department. You don’t want a pantaloon situation. If you’re worried about shortening your legs, just stick to boots and jeans of the same colour √† la Ormerod. Knee-high boots are also helpful for adding some inches. You all set? Scroll down to see our favourite jean-and-boot outfits. 

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