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The North Face x Christopher RAEBURN Bags

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Sustainability is the word on most people’s lips in the fashion world at the moment. So much damage has already been done by fast-fashion, as well as other industries, and we only have one way forward before we destroy our planet, with no way back. Fortunately, due to the potentially catastrophic situation being highlighted by various documentaries, brands are finally changing their ways. One of the British fashion brands to originally pave the footpath in the movement towards a more sustainable world, and who is making an important example for up and coming brands, is Christopher Raeburn. The British designer has his own brand, Raeburn Design, as well as recently (at the end of 2018) becoming the Creative Director of Timberland. He has also collaborated with numerous different brands utilising the Raeburn ethos of ‘Raemade, Raeduced and Raecycled’. Christopher himself, as well as the Raeburn Design team, have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge about sustainable fashion design over the years and continue to impress the industry with their pioneering methods of discovering ways of reusing materials.

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