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The Official Winter Zara Capsule Wardrobe: 8 Outfits You Can Wear All Season

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Want a new chic winter wardrobe but don’t have a big budget? Hi, meet Zara. There are tons of retailers worthy of a capsule wardrobe story, but for today, we’re starting with one we know you all love. Since a well-rounded winter wardrobe is all about layering, you’re going to need quite a few things, but each of those things should be purchased with a deeper intention. In other words, can you wear said item multiple ways and multiple times without getting sick of it? If the answer is yes, then that is an item worth buying. 

Instead of categorising each piece individually, we thought it would be more exciting to show you just how chic your winter wardrobe could be when you put all those seasonal essentials together. Featured in seven perfect outfits, we have highlighted the ultimate winter capsule wardrobe à la Zara. From outerwear to footwear, purchasing any (or all) of the items ahead will ensure you always have something to wear when you open your wardrobe in the morning.

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