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The One Microtrend Zara Is Really Backing This Summer

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Zara has delivered on many of the biggest trends of the season, such as beige tonal looks and elevated tie-dye, but it has also thrown everything it has got into one microtrend: organza. Back in March, we mentioned that we think the sheer organza blouses with oversized bows at the collar might be our favourite Zara item of 2019, and since then, the high-street giant has introduced more and more items in this delicate fabric.

The easiest way to wear this trend is to wear one of the pretty blouses with jeans and sandals, however, there are also more adventurous organza pieces for those who have a more playful approach to getting dressed. There’s a tiered sheer midi skirt, a bright pink sleeveless dress and even a grass-green sheer trench coat.

These pieces come in impactful bright colours and punchy polka-dot prints, so unsurprisingly, they have been a regular feature on our Instagram feeds this year and even at celebrity events (Queer Eye star Tan France has worn one of these blouses). Keep scrolling to see how to style Zara’s ever-growing organza collection.

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