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The Secret £40 Zara Dress That’s Taking London by Storm

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At some point in the not so distant past the fashion gods clearly had a conference call and decided that enough was enough: Fashionable girls didn’t need to be trussed up in tight things and that loose-fitting dresses could, once and for all, rule supreme. Thanks, all! So, over the past few months we’ve seen more trending frocks of the voluminous variety than anything other style, and only this week did three wildly popular jumbo tiered dresses (from COS, ASOS and John Lewis—stores that could not be more different from each other) prove the point.

Today we find our attentions shifting towards Zara and a particular dress that we’ve seen all over London, not just Instagram. The team at Who What Wear UK predicts this could be the next jacquard coat (you know, the one with its own Instagram account?) or strappy sandals, such is its potential to appeal to so many women.

Oversized with a drop-waist, gathered midi hem and long sleeves it covers all of the comfy, demure bases we’re looking for right now. It also just so happens to be polka dot, which is high street shopping catnip if ever we unearthed it: Last year saw crazy retail success at Topshop due to a polka-dot pinafore, while M&S has a rip-roaring time with a navy and white spotted jumpsuit and only last weekend did we note that another, more fitted, spotted wrap dress from Zara was doing the rounds for the start of wedding season. If this doesn’t have appeal-to-the-masses-and-the-fashion-snobs written all over it, then I don’t know what does. 

Keep scrolling to see the £40 dress in action, and shop it for yourself.

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