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The Slightly Strange Accessory Victoria Beckham Is Backing for 2020

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While she may once have been known as the Spice Girl with a fixation on the Little Gucci Dress, over the last 10 years, Victoria Beckham has solidified herself as a veritable force in the fashion industry. Having mastered the sophisticated, ladylike aesthetic, Beckham’s personal style has become an inspiration to women globally. And while we like to think we have a pretty comprehensive understanding of Beckham’s design DNA, the mother of four still manages to surprise us every now and then. 

Recently, Victoria has been spotted at several events sporting a very unique new accessory. Whether pinned to the lapel of a blazer or to the collar of a shirt, Beckham has developed a thing for oversized floral brooches, having been seen wearing the interesting accessory on two occasions in the last two weeks.


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