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The Small Detail That Is Guaranteed to Elevate Your Summer Staples

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For a long time, pearls were a signifier of conservative taste. Costume directors always gave characters like Bree van der Kamp a neat string of pearls to wear with their pastel cardigans and uptight attitudes. However, pearls have become the most popular jewellery trend of 2019, thanks to designers like Timeless Pearly, Alighieri and Anna Lu who are redefining pearls.

You’ll find pearls in every possible iteration this season—from hair clips and anklets to chokers and earrings—but the one thing they have in common is that these don’t have a perfect finish. Instead of neat strings of pearls, these are freshwater-style with uneven surfaces, natural colours and varying sizes. Although these are beautiful pieces that will give your look a 2019 refresh, they are still items that feel really unique and that you can treasure for years and years to come. There are many designers creating beautiful one-off pieces, such as Alighieri and Timeless Pearly, however, there are also some amazing iterations on the high street.

For inspiration for how to wear pearl jewellery this summer, scroll below for some of the most beautiful pieces we’ve spotted so far this year.

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