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The Spice Girls Tour Has Me Reminiscing About Their Best Beauty Looks Ever

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It’s official: the Spice Girls are back and their world tour is kicking off tonight in Dublin. I myself will be joining legions of diehard fans at Wembley in precisely 21 days (not that I’m counting) to watch Baby, Ginger, Scary and Sporty take to the stage and relive the ‘90s in the best way possible—with face glitter, crimped hair and plenty of lip liner.

Yes, the Spice Girls return has got me reminiscing about the best beauty trends of the ‘90s and all of the ways that our favourite five embraced them during their girl power reign. (Obviously, I’m aware that Posh Spice won’t be making an appearance on tour but there’s no doubt that VB wore her own fair share of key ’90s beauty trends at the time.)

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