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The Surprising Thing I Learned When I Overhauled My Hair Routine

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What organic or natural really means: “Organic ingredients come from nature… But it goes deeper than that,” Pierce explains. “These ingredients are grown without the aid of dangerous pesticides and in certified soil for three years! Natural (non-synthetic) ingredients can be found in nature and have the same, or mostly the same, chemical form as the ingredient in the product (e.g., fruit seed oils and essential oils).”

These ingredients can help: For specific haircare needs, Pierce says aloe vera is great for nourishment and follicle stimulation and that rosemary can balance and purify the scalp. For hydration, look for shea butter.

Avoid these ingredients: “There are lots of studies around the safety profile of ingredients that can potentially lead to cancer, endocrine disruption, asthma, etc.,” he explains. “Without a doubt, ingredients like synthetic fragrance can dry your hair out. Silicones can cause buildup on your scalp and hair, which can alter the texture and complicate your styling efforts.”

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