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These Are Officially Alexa’s Favourite Jeans of the Decade

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You know there’s a bit on your phone that tells you how much time you spend on it? Well, I never look at it, such is my shame about how often I check Instagram. I spend an embarrassing amount of time on the app. But there is one big upside of this addiction⁠: I find out interesting fashion facts, such as *drumroll* Alexa Chung‘s favourite denim style of the past decade was white jeans.

The presenter, model and designer revealed the information on her Instagram Stories after looking through some of her outfits from the 2010s and said she was pretty surprised to discover that she loved this colour of jeans so much. While the fashion star is no stranger to denim, I thought a pair of blue cut-offs would have been the winner. But after some additional research, I too discovered that she was indeed a fan of the hue. 

The thing is, white jeans are also still big news when it comes to denim trends. Thanks to the likes of Jacquemus and minimalist influencers such as Alexis Foreman and Lizzie Hadfield, the straight-leg and wide-leg variety are going strong. If you want to know how to style yours, keep scrolling for Alexa’s take and then shop some of the best white jeans right now.

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