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These Are Officially the Most Popular Brands of 2020 So Far

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Twenty-twenty has been quite the year, hasn’t it? If I asked you to think back when we were all talking about Tiger King and Normal People, I’d wager you’d say that was in 2019, such is the time-defying power this year seems to possess. Did you even realise that it was this year that Parasite won the Best Film Oscar? And that Meghan and Harry left the Royal family too? There’s really an impressive roll call of events that happened pre-pandemic, honestly. So, then, how can I be telling you about the biggest fashion brands of 2020? A good question, as it requires a decent memory and the patience to sift through a lot of online content. But, I can tell you, I’ve done it, I’ve found the most popular brands of the year so far.  

Thanks to spending an embarrassing amount of time online and trawling through global search platform Lyst’s extensive trending reports, I’ve come up with a list of 12 brands I know have made the most impact in 2020. While I’ve looked at Lyst’s Q1 and Q2 data of the most popular labels and products, I’ve also had a look at the information they give on a weekly basis, and search surges when big events happen (e.g. Adele and BeyoncĂ© wearing Marine Serre). Then I’ve also looked to the particular products that have been trending, and considered all the influencers I’ve seen wearing said brands and products. For full transparency, some of this is anecdotal, but after spending a decade in this industry, you can trust me to know what I’m talking about. Without further ado, I present the biggest, most popular brands of 2020 so far. 

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