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These Are the 5 Most Stylish Outfits of 2019 so Far

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We do our best to predict the outfit ideas that will reach cult status every season, but there are always a few new ones that emerge and surprise our editors. Where 2018 was chock-full of wacky trends, the stylish outfits emerging at the top of our lists this year are rather pared back in comparison—and we’re enjoying just how well the latest looks can be translated into our own wardrobes.

Where last year we saw head-to-toe animal print, this year is all about beige. Ugly trainers have been replaced with minimalistic shoes. Edgy has been usurped by pretty or practical. It just feels like there’s a refreshing wave of original looks popping up on our feeds this season, and they don’t feel overly “fashion” or unattainable on a budget.

These outfits are wearable in day-to-day life while still pushing us out of our comfort zone. They work for spring and will easily translate into summer weather too. This doesn’t mean you should disregard your sense of adventure when it comes to new looks. It just feels like this season, there’s less sartorial pressure to do so. Keep scrolling to see and shop the five most stylish outfit ideas of the year so far. There are always more to come, after all.

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