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These Are the Exact Lashes Meghan Markle Wore on Her Wedding Day

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Launched in North America in 2011, CEO and Founder Mabel Lee launched Velour with a mission to “become the world leader when it comes to eye-centric cosmetics.” A bold claim indeed.

“I started Velour as a passion project while I was in University in Toronto,” Lee explained. “I was obsessed with false lashes—they are like lipstick to me, I can’t leave the house without them—but I could never find lashes that looked natural enough or felt soft or comfortable for all-day wear.”

Unlike other false lash brands, Velour’s falsies are made from luxurious, ethically-sourced materials like synthetic silk and faux mink. “Eventually, I landed on the materials we use today: soft to the touch, luxuriously whispie, and they look like my real eyelashes but fuller and longer,” said Lee. “From there, celebrity makeup artists, influencers and industry pros started to use Velour on celebrities like Beyonce and Meghan Markle—and it really took off from there!”

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