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These Are the Products Emily Ratajkowski Swears By for Glowing Skin

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Right now, we must admit that scrolling through Instagram doesn’t seem like the healthiest of ways to spend time. With workout videos, home tours and book reviews galore, it’s all too easy to fall into a comparison trap while scrolling through your feed. However, there is one particular Instagram movement happening right now that we think everyone can benefit from, and that’s the one where our favourite celebs show us what’s in their bathroom cabinets, including their go-to beauty products.

With literally everyone in their homes at the moment, even the A-list can’t resist giving us a little glimpse into their everyday routines. While we all appreciate a good nosey into anyone’s beauty collection, there is a handful of celeb routines that we are itching to see. And as if the social media gods are granting us one beauty wish at a time, the queen of glow, Emily Ratajkowski, recently took to Instagram to share her go-to skincare products of the moment.

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