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These Expert-Approved Tips Guarantee Stronger Nails

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Without any hope of a salon appointment, and with my below-par at-home mani skills, it’s safe to say my nails aren’t looking their best. While some are brittle and snapping left, right and centre, others are paper-thin, flimsy and weak. So without a nail technician in sight, I thought it was about time I tried to do something about it. In a bid to improve nail health far and wide during these trying times, I reached out to those in the know to find out exactly what is that’s causing my nails to play up.

It turns out weak nails occur for many reasons, but the outcome is almost always the same. “Nails are made up of three visual layers of skeletal cells that are held together by oil and moisture to make them strong from within,” explains Mavala’s nail expert, Lynn Gray. When nails start to flake, become weak and break, this is usually because there is not enough oil or moisture in the nail.  

So what can be done? Keep scrolling for all of top tips that experts guarantee will help strengthen your nails and stop breakage.

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