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These Multi-Use Pigment Paints Have Totally Changed the Way I Do My Makeup

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Anyone who knows me knows that my makeup skills are seriously lacking. Being a beauty editor means that my knowledge of makeup is astounding. I know about formulas, textures, trends and can talk you through a how-to in no time at all. My own artistic ability, though, is lacking. I couldn’t execute a cut-crease if I tried, and the likes of contouring, baking and colour-correcting are totally lost on me. I like quick, easy-to-use products that are totally foolproof.

It’s understandable, therefore, that when I heard about the game-changing new makeup brand Depixym, which offers up a range of pure makeup pigments, I was totally uninterested. They’re designed to be mixed in palettes and used however and wherever one might please, so, frankly, I found the very concept of these tiny tubes of paint daunting. And that was before I had even laid eyes upon the shades on option. Consisting of bright pinks, oranges, yellows, blacks—basically every colour of the rainbow—Depixym products looked like a makeup artist’s dream but my idea of hell.

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