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These Sisters Look Back on Their Favourite Ever Travel Memory

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Here at Who What Wear UK, we’re all about bringing you the latest and greatest shopping edits, trend reports and cult beauty straight from the front line. But we’re also about inspiration and exploration, with a love of women who are unafraid of playing with their style. At the beginning of 2020, we launched a travel-inspired series called the Fernweh Diaries, wherein some of the industry’s most free-spirited, adventurous women travelled the world and reported back on what they found. Fernweh is a German word that means to have a craving for travel and adventure, something we relate to now more than ever. Instagram’s coolest sisters, Jordan and Loanne Collyer— the Collyer Twins— have a love for the lesser-known towns of Southern Spain, as this is an area their family has often visited and explored. These images were created before restrictions were put in place, and as we enter week eight of lockdown, we decided to share the story to allow you to experience some wanderlust from the comfort of your living room. Escapism has arguably never been so important.

For us, travelling is about feeling free, living in the moment, switching off and taking in your surroundings— immersing yourself in the sights and smells of a new place. We grew up living in both Portugal and Brazil so we’ve always had a nomadic spirit, which is one of the main reasons we felt drawn to Chloé’s new Nomade Absolu fragrance. We feel like it was made for us! All trips might now be on pause, and while we are lucky to be currently staying safe at home, we have found that we are feeling particularly nostalgic for our most-treasured travel memories. We keep looking back through images of our family trips, and with a glass of sangria, the London sunshine and a spritz of Chloé Nomade Absolu we can almost bring a holiday feeling to our sofa.

Our father was such a free spirit and avid traveller, so we have definitely inherited our love of adventure from him. He always took us to far off corners of the globe, whether that meant rock jumping in Byron Bay, mountain climbing in Greece or on the back of a moped in Thailand. One of our favourite places to explore, though, is the southern coast of Spain.

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