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This 56-Year-Old Model Looks A Decade Younger—Here Are All Her Skincare Secrets

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Yep, we all know that one person who looks as if they’ve stopped time. They might be in their 30s to 40s but easily look like they’re a 20-something. Maybe they even still get carded. Call it what you want, but I’d venture to guess that there’s someone in your life who’s managed to negate the natural effects of aging in one or way or another and we’d be lying if we said it didn’t absolutely intrigue us. No matter what age you are, it’s near impossible not to be curious about how these people have managed to Benajmin Button right in front of our eyes. 

One such example is Caroline Labouchere, a grey ambassador and model whose glowy, flawless complexion has stopped me dead in my scrolling tracks on more than one occasion. Labouchere, who began a modeling career at 54, now regularly shares her outfits, hair care tips, and of course, skincare treatments with her 225,000 Instagram followers. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that she defies age—one look at her feed confirms just her glowy, flawless complexion. Naturally, I did what any skincare-obsessed writer would: went straight to the source to find out Labouchere’s best skin tips.

Ahead, read up on her top tips and nuggets of wisdom that she credits for maintaining her good skin.

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