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This Heatless Hair Technique Helped Me Achieve Perfect Beach Waves

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Nine times out of 10, when I’m at the hairdresser’s and they ask how I want it blow-dryed, I ask for “natural waves.” As someone with naturally poker-fine straight hair, natural beach waves are the style I attempt to achieve on the regular from the comfort of my own bedroom. Given that my hair is pretty straight, it normally requires at least an hour or two of air-drying, complete with a “plopping” technique (where I tease my wet hair with my fingers to enhance my natural wave) and then a once-over with a curling wand. This entire process generally takes about three hours in total, and who has three hours every morning? I know I don’t. 

Given the above, for the past few months, I’ve been on a quest to find a heatless wave technique that A) won’t damage my hair and B) doesn’t take up precious sleeping time, and I think I’ve found it. Influencer Tar Mar coined this technique, calling it “heartless” or “heatless waves,” and it’s as easy as washing your hair and twisting it. Keep reading to learn how to use this technique for perfect beach waves. 

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