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This Hero Hair Product Should Be a Staple in Every Blonde Girl’s Routine

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I was keen to understand how purple shampoo works on different hair textures. “The only thing you need to consider with purple shampoo is that, if your texture is super fine, it can stain the baby hair around the hairline,” advises Barron-Hough. “If that’s the case, you would need to leave the hairline out when shampooing and just massage it in the last few seconds before you rinse.

“Purple shampoo works very well on Afro hair, too; all of the guidelines I’ve already discussed apply in the same way. As Afro hair is slightly more porous, if the shade of blonde is super light, then a purple tone shampoo will work best for a brightening effect. The tone should absorb quickly, so you needn’t spend lots of time in the shower waiting for it to work.” 

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