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This Is How to Get the “Curated Ear” Look

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A few years ago, there was a real boom in the “curated ear” look. Thanks to high-profile piecers such as Maria Tash, everyone was sporting some sort of additional piercings on their ears. While the trend definitely went a bit quiet for a couple of years, it’s recently picked up again. Where did I spot this? Instagram, of course. First I saw Who What Wear columnist Monikh wearing the look, then Nicole Richie (always an arbiter of great taste) and then Amy LefĂ©vre, who easily has one of the coolest Instagram accounts right now, with a great selection of earrings adorning her lobes right up to the helix.

The trick, from what I’ve gleaned, is to go for a variety of different styles of earrings. From studs to cuffs as well as mini hoops and simple long earrings, you can choose to make up your own curated ear by selection the pieces you love. Keep scrolling to shop my edit of the coolest jewellery pieces for the ultimate curated ear, not before you see how Instagram is doing it right now. 

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