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This Is the High-Street Label I Turn to for Sustainable Basics

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It’s not every day you come across a high-street label with transparency as a part of its ethos, but that’s what Everlane promises. The brand has declared its commitment to ensuring its customers know exactly where and how their products are made, even going as far as to highlight the factory each garment is created in. It’s an approach that is proving successful for the U.S.-based company—and which I am a fan of. 

With sustainability as a priority, the brand is also focused on utilising innovative recycled materials. Its ReNew collection turns discarded plastic bottles into fabric, while its Re:Down collection repurposes old duvets and pillows to create down for jackets and coats. How’s that for effectively eliminating waste? Sustainability in fashion is complex, as there can be problems in many areas of the production chain, making it impossible to ever label a brand as ‘sustainable’. Shopping Everlane in the UK for example does require transatlantic shipping, however it is a brand that I believe is moving in the right direction.

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