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This Is the Surprising H&M Item Our Readers Keep Buying This Month

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If you’d asked my a few years ago about my thoughts on knitted vests, I would have told you that my only association with the item was the fact that Chandler Bing from Friends was their biggest fan. Though, over the last few seasons, the item has shed its previous connotations and become quite the fashion must-have.

From runway to real life, knitted vests have gained popularity recently, so much so that the item has become one of the top picks amongst our readers this month. In fact, according to our data, H&M’s cable-knit slipover in particular has been the most purchased items amongst our audience for September. Now, that’s a pretty glowing recommendation. 

Created in a soft cream shade and featuring an intricate cable knit pattern, the item is practically made for autumn and is absolutely ideal for this transitional weather we are currently having. It can be easily worn on its own for warmer days, though the item will look just as good when paired with a button-down shirt, printed mesh top or long-sleeve mini dress. By all accounts, it is a perfect autumn staple. Keep scrolling to shop H&M’s very popular knit vest and then shop more high-street vests below. 

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