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This Part of Your Body Ages Faster Than Your Face—Here’s How to Fix the Damage

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If you are experiencing the signs of aging on your hands, Gmyrek outlined the common signs below and treatments for each:

Thin, Crepey, or Tissue Paper–like Skin: “This is due to collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid loss. Topical creams should be used. I recommend using a serum or cream with antioxidants like vitamin C to help stimulate new collagen and protect against ongoing damage in the morning. Then apply sunscreen as stated above. Reapply every two hours and after you wash. Wear even if you are indoors as UVA light comes right through window glass. In the evening, I recommend a vitamin A cream—retinol, retinoid, or bakuchiol, which will help to stimulate new collagen and thicken the skin. These should always be used at night as sunlight inactivates vitamin A products. This should be followed after waiting at least 10 minutes by a moisturizing cream.

Lasers are very helpful, too. Fractionated resurfacing lasers are my go-to treatment in the office for stimulating new collagen and elastic tissue. These lasers create controlled, microscopic wounds in the skin. As the skin heals, it creates new collagen and elastic tissue. Multiple treatments are needed (five or so), and I only recommend going to a board-certified dermatologist who has been trained in the use of lasers.”

Brown Spots or Discoloration: “Topical creams containing hydroquinone or other bleaching agents such as tranexamic acid, kojic acid, or propionic acid can be helpful. Often these brown spots will not respond to topical treatments and require an in-office treatment to be removed.

“Lasers such as the intense pulsed light (IPL) or the Alexandrite laser are go-to treatments in the office. These lasers use specific wavelengths of light to target and remove the discolored spots on the hand. Usually two to five treatments are needed.”

Subcutaneous Fat Loss: “This is part of the natural aging process, and topical creams will not help this. Filler injections are my go-to in the office to create more fill in the hands. This improves the appearance of the hands by supporting the skin a bit and thereby making it appear tighter and also by hiding the veins of the hands a bit which become very prominent when fat is lost.”

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