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Trust Me—These 3 Pairs of Sandals Go With Everything

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Try as I might (and trust me—I have tried), those lovely, comfy Teva sandals with their adjustable Velcro-strapped hug and cloud-like, bouncy sole just won’t look good with everything I own. I really want to wear them 24/7, and I’m giving it a damn good go when it comes to my workwear and off-duty looks, but I have to face the facts: They aren’t going to cut it for a wedding. (Unless the wedding is on a mountainside and the theme is hiking.)

There are definitely a few choice classic sandal styles that really can go with everything you already own. I’ve deduced the below list by thinking hard about the exact pairs I come back to time and again—not just for fancy occasions or for trips abroad, but the ones I pull out on different days, without fail, no matter what the heck I’m wearing.

All of the chosen ones are relatively timeless and will look chic probably until the end of time, or until they totally wear out (whatever comes first). However, you may find that during certain seasons, you’ll want to seek out a fresher version featuring the small tweaks in terms of silhouette, detailing and heel height that allows a staple shoe style to feel upgraded and new.

Keep scrolling for the safest three pairs of sandals you’ll ever buy, and the latest shopping picks to fill any gaps in your wardrobe.

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