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Trust Me, These Spot Treatments Actually Work

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When it comes to my job, few things wind me up more than a product that gives wildly false claims. It shouldn’t be such a big ask that, as consumers, we aren’t lied to about the powers that any one beauty product has, should it? And, while things like “cellulite” and “face-lift” creams are the worst offenders for this, I find myself getting riled up over spot treatments the most.

Unlike the aforementioned beauty products that are simply never going to work because the very basis of their claims are founded on marketing drivel, spot treatments can, should and do work. Sure, they’re not going to blitz a pimple in a second, but they do have the power to dramatically reduce its severity. So what’s the issue, I hear you ask? None of them ever seem to actually work. I’ve tried countless spot remedies in my time, and while some literally make your skin peel off, others barely do a thing.

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