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Trust Me—This Small Parisian Brand Is Going to Be the Next Big Thing

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Most of us won’t have touched a handbag since lockdown began, instead sticking to a bag for life for our groceries and pockets for our credit cards. But now that we see signs of things slowly reopening and can visit garden centres and take a book to the park, many are in need of a chuck-it-all-in practical handbag. If you want something a little jazzier than a basket bag, then I’ve just found an under-the-radar French brand that creates the most beautiful striped tote bags.

Rue de Verneuil was founded in 2014, however, it’s a new name to British shoppers as has just been stocked by MatchesFashion. The 1950s-inspired tote bags have a Riviera feel to them, as they have a thin elegant pinstripe, a tan leather strap and come in the colours you typically see lining the French coastline (primarily red, baby blue and a soft yellow). 

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