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Trust Monikh—These 3 September Buys Are All You Need to See

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That feeling when someone asks you, “Oh, where’s that from?!” or “I don’t know that brand…” or “I didn’t know they were making that style this season.” It’s the feeling of being in the fashion know. You too can be one with the credentials and intel that would make Carrie Bradshaw green with satin slip skirt–and–mule combo envy. That’s why I’m here—to give you three must-see pieces. I’m choosing only the best of the best and selecting key items that contribute toward you building the wardrobe of dreams. I’ll be here the same time every week adding to a collection that will elevate you to “Oh, this? It’s old” in no time.

September is finally here, and I’m so excited to finally get on with it and let all my new purchases finally enjoy those crisp autumn mornings! I’m getting into the cosy zone with snug knitwear pieces you can lounge (and go out) in as well as the comfy or easy accessories that can jazz up a look. They’re pieces I’m truly into this month and hope you are too. Keep scrolling to see… 

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