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Victoria Beckham Swears By This Shampoo and Conditioner Combo

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When it comes to skin, Victoria Beckham is one of my go-to resources for spot-on product recommendations and skincare tips thanks to her constantly updated beauty highlight reel on Instagram. In fact, I’m so obsessed that I even spent a whole week doing VB’s skincare routine and can testify that this is a lady whose seal of approval is definitely to be trusted.

I’ll be honest, though: I’ve never given Beckham’s hair much thought. Despite dabbling with highlights, pixie crops and extensions over the years, Victoria has settled firmly on a simple mid-length cut for the best part of the last decade, and while it’s definitely a classic hairstyle, it isn’t one that I’ve made much attention to.

However, there’s one thing that I will say about VB’s hair: Thanks in part to her access to top stylists and hairdressers, it always looks seriously well-maintained and oh-so-shiny.

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