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We Try Before You Buy: 16 Conscious Buys We are Blown Away By

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Our We Try Before You Buy series aims to take the stress out of shopping and eliminate the number of post office visits you make each month to return failed online orders. We test new-season buys and styling ideas so you don’t have to. Here, we’re letting you know what is actually worth investing in.

This week, it’s Fashion Revolution Week, which is a movement which has for the past six years been calling for an improvement in sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. Sustainability is the word that is mentioned the most to me when I’ve met with brands, retailers and designers this year, however, it can still be difficult to shop consciously beyond the obvious forward-thinking labels like Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood. So when calling pieces into the office to borrow for this conscious We Try Before You Buy, I was prepared for a real challenge.

This industry certainly has a long way to go—I struggled to find many options on the high street, and it can be still difficult to have clear transparency on how pieces are made. However, there were 16 pieces, either ethical or sustainable, that our team were genuinely really impressed by. Below you’ll find many of the brands that are leading the way with innovative technologies and a refreshing approach in so many aspects of their business.

Keep scrolling to shop the conscious jeans, dresses, trainers, heels, jewellery and many more items our editors wanted to highlight this Fashion Revolution Week.

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