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We’re Beauty Editors, and These Are the Products We Actually Buy

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As a beauty editor, I receive a lot of beauty products for free. It’s kind of part of the job. In order to keep up with the constantly growing market, it’s really important to have as much experience with a large variety of products as possible. While we beauty editors are by no means skin, makeup or hair experts, we are product experts. And that’s our job.

In order to offer up the best advice on foundationmoisturiser or even hair dye, really we need to have tried the product out for ourselves. Because at the end of the day, if it’s a total flop, we’re not going to want to recommend it. It makes sense then that our beauty routines are rarely constant. Most days require trying something new and swapping one product out for another. And although it is great to get to experience so much, it makes it hard when you come across one product you really, really love.

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