Why These Cheap Wireless Earbuds From Urbanears Feels Like a Steal

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There’s no doubt that Bella Hadid has breathed new life into the hardwired headphones look. Sadly, no matter what I do to emulate her look, my own tethered experience is anything but cool. Having lost two sets of pricey earbuds over the last year, and after my latest mishap involving losing one, yes one, bud to a storm drain, I told myself I had to earn back my own trust before I could treat myself to a new pair. There’s no such thing as a good pair of cheap wireless earbuds, or so I thought.

I must admit that I’ve been feeling a bit mocked by the twists and turns of my long, coiled listening device on my daily walk around the block—especially with my mask on—or during back-to-back Zooms. That, and I definitely have been feeling judged by the half-empty charging case that still houses the one earbud that I didn’t let wash away. In a time when the simple pleasures of a good pair of headphones can really make or break a long day, I’m delighted to report that, while I’m still in my self-imposed doghouse, I’ve found a pair of replacement buds that are both inexpensive and luxe. Yes, cheap wireless earbuds—you heard that correctly. Urbanears has a freshly launched wireless earbud set for $69, called the Alby, that I’m tempted to buy in bulk, or at least all four colors they come in. I’ve been a longtime fan of Urbanears’ headphones, both in quality and design, and these do not disappoint. 

So, thank you, Bella, for your superb street style inspiration when I needed the pick-me-up, but I’m happily headed back to a cord-free existence.

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