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Yes, Briefs Are Trending, and We Have the Photos to Prove It

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The summer 2020 trends we thought would make it big this season certainly did, but there are a handful of newbies that bubbled up as well. Since we’ve all been spending a lot more time indoors, our outfits are obviously adapting to our newfound lifestyle, and the most recent one to grace our presence is a slightly surprising addition—boxer briefs. That’s right, this underwear is officially trending, and we have all the Instagram photos to prove it. 

The style has become wildly popular among the fashion set, as they have continued to post dozens of outfit photos lounging around the house in the comfortable, oversized underwear. We first started to take note of the rise of the classic brief a few months ago, but now, these pants are quickly becoming the most popular underwear trend. Ahead, see how fashion girls have been styling the trend on Instagram, and shop some of our favorite pairs so you can get the look. 

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