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Your Mascara Could Have Mites—Plus Other Reasons Makeup Expiry Dates Matter

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It probably won’t surprise you, then, to hear that when it comes to makeup expiry dates, I take a similarly laissez-faire approach. As a beauty obsessive, the number of products in my stash means it’s nearly impossible to figure out when I first opened something, and, therefore, when it needs to be chucked.

Of course, there are some products that I churn through and throw out regularly (mascaras and foundations are on my high rotation list), but there are others that have stuck around for longer than I’d care to think about. (Benefit Benetint, I’m looking at you.)

But after a quick chat in the Who What Wear office, it turns out that even those with a limited amount of makeup products were still clueless when it came to expiry dates and whether they’re actually to be adhered to. If you can even keep track of when you opened something, that is.

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