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Zara Now Does a Katie Holmes–Style Cardigan and Bra Set—I’m Sold

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When Katie Holmes wore a bra and cardigan set earlier this year, the photos of her hailing a taxi went almost instantly viral. As soon as we saw this image we knew that knitted bras would be a thing in 2020 and many other designers and high-street brands would offer up more re-imagined knitted twinsets. Zara is the first to jump on the trend for a matching top and cardi, with an oatmeal-coloured knitted set that went live on the site today. 

In late August, Katie wore a bra and cardigan in a light brown colour from brand-of-the-moment Khaite. The bra was in the same material as the cardigan. As in, the bra was in the softest cashmere material you could possibly imagine. And when plenty of women say the first thing they can’t wait to do at the end of the is take their bra off, there’s nothing that sounds more comfortable than a bra made of one of the softest materials around. The picture was circulated all over the internet, especially on Instagram, with plenty of women exclaiming that they’d love to own a knitted bra. 

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